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Short Funny Quotes and Jokes


Looking for free funny quotes and short jokes to bring you an amusing time to have fun? Sometimes nothing can cheer you up and make you laugh better than a short stupid funny quote.

Whether you find quotes about life, movies, men and women, love and sex, or any other topic you like, these funny quotes are guaranteed to make you laugh. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Also if you are looking for more funny quotes about office and work, you can find the best choices here. You can also easily find funny jokes and quotes about special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.

These short, cute, stupid quotes are ready for you to bring you a great time at home or at work. Simply click on your favorite category on the left side of this page to see a list of free funny quotes.

How to Use Free Funny Quotes

There are many fun ways you can use these quotes to have some fun when you feel you need some laughter. Here are some ideas you can use...

Quote Idea #1: Laugh and Enjoy Yourself

Having a tough day? Want to laugh and have some fun to recharge your energy? Then these funny quotes are the perfect help for you. Simply browse through the various quotes topics and find some funny sayings and jokes you like.

You're guaranteed to find some cute funny quotes you like and get a good laugh.

Quote Idea #2: Share Them with Friends

Why not share these quotes with your friends, family, or colleagues to share the fun? You can easily help bring laughter and more joy to your friends' day by emailing or SMSing any of these quotes to them.

They will appreciate your being thoughtful to make them smile and enjoy it. :)

Where to Find Top Funny Quotes Easily

You can fund hundreds of top rated funny quotes in this website. Here are some of the top categories you can check out. Click on the topics you like the most...